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Handcuff Sweats are the Coolest way to stay Warm!
handcuff sweats demonstration
1) Roll Back Cuffs...

2) Unroll the Cuffs...
handcuff sweats demonstration
handcuff sweats demonstration
3) Pop thumb through...
4)...Warm Hands!
handcuff sweats demonstration 4
The Handcuffs Brand
Handcuffs sweatshirts have a "Unique Feature" - extended cuffs - which roll down and become finger-less gloves. This patented HandCuffs design, allows comfort and warmth for the hands, while maintaining complete mobility and use of the fingers and thumb. Handcuff Sweatshirts are perfect for all outdoor activities. Handcuffs are available in adult hoodies, youth hoodies, adult crewnecks and youth crewnecks. The website is licensed by MGI to distribute Patented Handcuffs Apparel.
PHONE: (800) 808-6406 for Assistance
Orriginals, Inc. is Licensed by MGI to distribute Handcuff Apparel
U.S. Patents: 5784720, 6035441, 6249916
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